There seems to be a common misconception when marketing for a site initially. The thought process is to throw anything and everything traffic-wise to your site and seeing what sticks, which is clearly an expensive way of going about things.

Spending your time continuously tweaking both the campaigns you are using and your site itself, will allow you to drill down on the appropriate audience which is a vital key when it comes to building up your free to pay conversion rates. Potential users can be pushed to the site all day long without any money being made. Like most businesses the sweet spot is not only finding the customer base that is truly interested in the service you are providing, but also those that are willing to pay for it. Effective targeting allows you to weed out the costly traffic you are not looking for.

Tailoring The Perfect Suit

Marketing your HubPeople site is a lot like wearing a suit. Your run of the mill suit may fit ok, but is ok enough? Sending general traffic to your white label may bring in some free registrations, and even some paying members, but is it as good as it can be? Just like a perfect-fitting well-tailored suit that looks, feels and wears to the best it can be we should be treating our marketing plan the same way. Ensuring the campaigns you are using, along with the site you are sending to, are tweaked to the best levels means that the most money can made from that particular audience.

As you know there are many variables to a traffic source that have influence on what they interact with. Be it an individual’s gender, age, location or interest, each of these points will change the way someone will interact with the site and the advertisements you are showing them. Understanding your traffic and, in doing so, sending a custom message that perfectly suits the reader will ensure you are grabbing their attention.

When becoming an effective marketer it is increasingly important to utilise all the tools available to you so you can find the right audience and then market to them in the most effective way possible. Google Ads is a great example of this. As you select a campaign within your adwords account while adjusting the setting, you are in full control as to who sees your ad. Device and Carrier are two major factors to consider. Selecting the correct device when marketing can really help you to use your spend wisely. For example, mobile traffic is the majority and is on the rise, which is something to think about when building your campaigns. Carrier targeting is a tool we are seeing being used more and more by affiliates. Be it a particular mobile network or the WIFI provider that is utilised to connect a customer to the internet, you now have the ability to show them ads individually. These tools being as good as they are still come at a cost however.

Tightening Your Budgeting Belt

This whole process would be worthless if profit was not being made and using the tools available to you as I’m sure you know, or will quickly find out, is a costly endeavour. Drilling down on the correct audience is key.

For example if you choose to use CPC campaigns, you will see the differences in expense as you drill down. I mention Google again as it’s a very popular tool within our affiliate community, Google’s CPC has yet again risen this quarter YOY as it has done the previous few. As mentioned before in previous newsletters there are reasons for this. Yes the cost of the click is higher but so should the relevance. As Google drive up the relevance of ad as the justification of it being found on the SERP page is questioned more more, this allows the user to find what they are looking for. So in theory yes your click was more expensive but the user you are paying for is of a much higher quality. In turn this means your costing will go up but as will your earn per click. Google’s increase on relevance allows you as a marketer to focus in on the most relevant market to you and your site.

Taking in the Information

HubPeople, as with any dating platform, converts even better with certain traits and trends of an audience at particular times. Through continuous testing and trialing HubPeople have full visibility on the audiences that convert well, be it through the demographics of the individuals themselves, the niches that respond well within our database, and the Geo’s that are currently most popular with regard to each niche and individual. Constant communication with your Account Manager allows us to share that visibility with you, resulting in you becoming the strongest Affiliate you can be.

The right targeting along with the right data really means there is no limit to your success with HubPeople.

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