Creating Optimised Web Copy

Research is key when it comes to writing optimised website copy. Using keyword explorers such as Moz and AdWords Keyword Planner will help you choose keywords that will work in Google and for SEO purposes. Choose 4 or 5 keywords to base your copywriting around, search engines crawl for this amount of keywords, this will help with the quality of your website. As an example, the keyword ‘Single Gamers’ can be placed into your copy by writing: Meet single gamers in your area and in different cities. Keeping your copy flowing whilst placing keywords is important. 

Our Site Designer optimises 3 articles for each website, more can be added and taken away for your personal preference, but we have found success in 3 article web copy. 

Article 1

Writing your 4-5 keywords in this paragraph is key. Short, sharp and direct sentences that lead the reader to want to click through are a must. Make sure your placement of keywords flows throughout this article. 

Article 2

In this section, utilise the same keywords whilst describing and selling the user experience they will get when they sign up. Focus on platform features, easy sign up, browse pictures, send messages, community feel, etc. 

Article 3

Finally focus on the typical user concerns and potential objections. Use words like Safe, Secure, Discreet. 24 hour customer support, no social media logins. We recommend highlighting that the brand name won’t appear on their credit card bill.

Remember to try and think like the user that will be interested in this site. Make it exciting, appealing and use terms that will be associated with the niche you are targeting. 

Good luck in creating your dating brand!

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