We are pleased to announce that business owner, Michael O’Sullivan, has been elected to join the ODA Board.

‘The Online Dating Association (ODA) was set up in 2014 to develop and maintain standards that give users assurance and ensure businesses trade responsibly. It seeks also to inform policymakers and to promote messages to users that minimise the risk of harm.’

Michael, business owner,  said in a statement:

“I’m delighted to be joining the ODA board. Its work is more relevant than ever in promoting the safety of users and the best practices for the dating industry in a rapidly evolving online landscape. I look forward to joining in their work to tackle online harms, increase education and foster an inclusive world of great relationships.”

The Board consists of individuals from ODA member companies, including Match Group Corporate Affairs Director, Morgan Cauvin and Vice President of Safety and Senior Counsel at The Meet Group, Lexi Peskin.

HubStars, the affiliate program powered by HubPeople,  became a member of the ODA back in May 2020. As a business, we strongly believe in its mission to enhance the experience of the dating customer and in guiding and elevating best practices within the industry.

In order to successfully join the ODA members must uphold honest and clear communications with dating consumers and demonstrate good practice in managing personal data. User Safety & Protection should also be a core value for successful ODA members, using every endeavor to identify and remove scammer profiles.

At HubPeople we have a Customer Support Centre staffed with highly trained representatives who work round the clock to keep our online communities safe. We also equip our users with various tools to report others if they suspect fraud or believe there is a risk to the safety of others. In recent months our development team launched the Member Rating Feature, designed to encourage member interaction and detect and remove scammer profiles. Members are encouraged to complete various actions to build up a healthy rating score and in turn, fill the member database with genuine content-rich profiles.

We regularly provide our members with tips and advice for staying safe online. Head over the the ODA’s Date Safe page to get all the information you need to ensure your dating customers have the best advice available for a safe and enjoyable online experience.


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