It’s been over year since we put out our first update on operating remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely proud of how well our teams adapted to working from home, providing a seamless service to both partners and end users of our platforms during uncertain times.

A year on and our teams are gradually returning to our various office bases for some much needed face to face collaboration. Did you know that on average, an in-person meeting will generate 30% more ideas than virtual meetings? This is because we communicate with each other better when we’re face-to-face. Video calls have certainly served a purpose but we won’t miss the awkward exchanges of, “your mic is off!”. We look forward to inviting partners to our newly refurbished and expanded office space later in the year when restrictions are eased further.

As an online dating business we experienced a silver lining which allowed us to not only operate during the pandemic but to experience record levels of completed registrations, photo uploads and user logins to the platform. We are thrilled with what our teams have achieved whilst in lockdown or under heavy social restrictions and to mark the occasion we have pulled together all the best highlights from the past year.