UK Market +18.1% Growth in New Revenue!

In May, our UK market experienced fantastic growth across the platform with +11.4% in new user registrations and +18.1% in new revenue month on month.

Partners operating on our Affinity platform seen huge increases of +20% in new user sign-ups coupled with +21.4% in new revenue in the UK!



Performance was also impressive across our casual platform, Excite. Notable market highlights include the UK, with +10% uplift in new registrations and +18% growth in new revenue.

Our partners have been building out campaigns in Canada with profitable results, +10.3% increases in both new registrations and revenue!


Next-Gen Platform Roll Out

We have several new in-house dating brands from our ‘Gamer’ and ‘Country Lifestyle’ niches in the pipeline to undergo trials of the new Next-Gen mainstream platform.



This is a fantastic time to expand your dating brand portfolio into the mainstream market! Speak to our team for more details on our top converting Affinity niches.