A Responsive Mailing List

Building your own top quality list is a brilliant and cost effective source of traffic to your HubPeople site. The growth in Google and Social Media sites in general over the last decade creates an illusion that mailing lists are becoming more redundant. There are a number of reasons to why this is not the case and why it may be a smart idea for you to start building and using one in an effort to send traffic your way.

The Reach of an Email.

Don’t underestimate the power of email as a way to get your message across. Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools in their own right, however it must be taken into consideration that complications can arise when linking your ads to adult content such as a niched dating landing page for example. It could be argued that Twitter is much more lenient when it comes to adult content, but a recent change in their safe search policy has brought about an automatic block on everything 18+ unless the user manually overrides the block. This obviously has an impact and cuts down the reach dramatically.

A typical Facebook post update will only be seen by 1-2% of your fan base and a Twitter post will hit even less than that. We are not saying that email marketing is without its faults, especially with an estimated 22% of all sent emails becoming victims to the spam or junk folders. But this leaves a large 78% that do hit a recipient’s inbox as intended. Studies have also shown that 91% of US citizens check their email everyday, normally being the first thing they do in the morning. One way to utilise social media to push for traffic is to use a mailer along side it. One example would be the collection of emails via facebook with the opportunity to subscribe. This could potentially decrease any heavy reliance you have on a third party marketer. If at any stage Twitter, Facebook or Google were to either block or cancel your ad campaigns then the mailers would give you a back up plan.

Emails within your mailbox also remain marked unread unless there is some form of engagement with them. This in itself is a highlighter and helpful reminder to the recipient that you have something for them. If you think about it, in the professional world, speaking to people via email has become second nature. The lifespan of an email is much longer and you will be seeing click activity weeks or even months after sending the mail unlike that of a social media post. The Long lifespan an email gives you helps build a relationship with the recipients you have access to as you will learn what they engage with best and can adapt accordingly.

Building a Beneficial Relationship

There is definitely an argument for quantity vs quality. The more contacts, the higher amount of inboxes you will be hitting, and in turn the more people to potentially sell to. More often than not a rented or bought contact list can result in a low quality list of recipients in the sense that conversion rates will be very low. The main way of combating this is is to build your own list. This will probably be a much slower process but it helps build that all important relationship with the audience you are speaking to. If the relationship you have with your audience is strong then they might not only read the email as they receive it, but it might be something they both look out for and look forward to reading. As we all know emails can be referred back to at anytime and if the recipient likes what they are reading they can search the email again and again, giving you a stronger hold on the customer. The stronger hold puts you in a better position to learn what your list or parts of it react to best and being able to change what you show them with this is mind is key when optimising with the aim to keep the list converting well.

Segmentation can be an a brilliant tool to a webmaster who knows their audience well, which is definitely something HubPeople can help you take advantage of. Niching is a strong and powerful element when it comes to designing your white label landing page with Hubpeople. Being able to create different styles, fetishes or looks to your page is vital when segmenting your mailing list.

In Summary

Building up your emailing list can really help you push your site the way you want to without the influence of third party marketing companies. Both the reach of the email and lifespan of the activity you can gain from it really is something that shouldn’t be ignored. The relationships you are able to build using a mailer too can also be invaluable. If you have access to an audience that are responsive to what you have to say and combine that with adapting to the way they react and the way they buy, you really put yourself in the best position. Building a niched landing page with HubPeople and keeping it up to date with what appeals most to your targeted demographic is a sure way to keep those conversion rates high.

Need help creating your mailer and the list of people you intend to send it to, get in touch with us and we can help. Already have a mailing list? Speak with your account manager today to discuss the possibilities to monetise it!

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