The 28th of April saw the launch of our ‘Tour Version’, a brand new style for our members area for all adult sites. This new design has optimised the upgrade conversion.

So What Is the Tour Version?

The update vastly reduces the content male members are able to view before they upgrade, the member has visibility of other members in their area however, as a classic member, is unable to interact with them. Testing has demonstrated that men joining the sites are much more likely to upgrade to VIP status if their ability to interact for free is further restricted, whilst still having an awareness of what is on offer if they choose to pay. Male members are able to see non-adult content on the profiles of people within their area, but are unable to interact with them on any level. If an attempt is made by the member to message anyone, or communicate via any of the features on the site, such as articles and blogs, they are automatically prompted to make payment.

Don’t Delay, Pay Today

Through testing, analysis has shown, that the tour version of the site works best on mobile devices. Whilst the free user has visibility of other members, the limit on interactions with those members, and increased number of payment prompts, encourages the user to pay there and then, as opposed to waiting and making payment on their desktop when they get home. Whilst users are more likely to browse to your landing page on mobile, conversion rates suggest users are more confident making payment on desktop and as a result analysis shows that users are more likely to upgrade on desktop then on a mobile device. To that effect, a member may find the site on mobile and register, but then wait to upgrade when they have the perceived security of their own home and desktop. The increased number of payment prompts, on the tour version, combined with the limitations on what the member can view encourages the user to pay using their mobile device, this has resulted in an improved conversion, on mobile devices, from free member to VIP.

Turning Temptation into Conversion

The ‘Tour Version’ effectively teases the member just as if they were looking into a sweet shop window in the sense that they are aware of what is on offer, but ultimately, if they want to enjoy the sweet candy within, they need to subscribe.

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