Name: Paula Trigueros Cid

Job Title: Account Manager


How long have you worked at HubStars?

Since March 2019


What does your role involve?

I take care of English and Spanish speaking partners, helping them to grow their portfolio with new opportunities that perform best on our platform.


What’s your background prior to joining the HubStars team?

I’m a Marketing and Communication graduate and Graphic Design Masters graduate. I’ve lived in Germany for a year and moved to Glasgow when I started my job in HubStars. I’ve always worked in marketing departments for different companies.


What aspect of your job are you enjoying the most at the moment and what projects are you most excited about?

Since last year my partner list has grown, I now manage both English and Spanish speaking partners. I enjoy being able to achieve multiple ways to help make their businesses grow.


What has been your favourite HubStars trip or project to date?

I really enjoyed the HubStars conferences in Dublin & Málaga. Shows are really exciting too, I personally loved TES in Prague. We always have a really nice time together, both partners and the team!


Tell us something we might not know about you?

I love cats and have a sarcastic humour. I can’t stand long beards and lettuce. I can stay out dancing all night long but can’t run for more than 30 seconds.


During lockdown what hobbies/skills/projects have you undertaken?

Opened a professional photography instagram (@iampaulakitt) and learnt new recipes


If you could travel anywhere in the World, where would you go?

I’d like to explore Spanish and Scottish cities/towns by car. My dream will be a trip to North America or Nordic countries, wherever I can get beautiful, interesting pictures!


Area of expertise?

Everything that has to do with design and attractive landing pages. I have an eye for detail and always try to seek the most effective solution that is both profitable and aesthetically pleasing.


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