One of the first steps in creating your dating brand is to think about a good brand name. We spoke to Mayka, one of our Digital Marketing Specialists on her top tips for choosing a brand name. 

How can you create a successful dating brand name? 

Think first about your target audience. Who are they?

Take this as an example: I want to create a brand to unite the LGBT community. What can be a good name? A good place to start is checking the most searched keywords and terms. Firstly because this is what  your audience will relate to and secondly, because you will benefit from a good SEO strategy.

So let’s say that I start my research on my audience and find that the most searched keywords are: lgbt dates, lgbt dating, gay dating, lesbian dating.  Once you have this information you can be more functional and create a brand that resembles those search terms (e.g. or you can be more creative and elaborate one that creates an emotional link with your audience (e.g.

The same applies to any other niche you might think of. Take as an example the “active” niche, whose main target audience are sporty singles. “Active singles” is an excellent keyword with many searches per month. Therefore, we came up with a good brand name that represents our market:

Make sure that you have a good look at some inspiring business names from the dating industry. You will get a good idea of how a name should look – simple, unique and easy for the customer to pronounce and remember will work best. Remember that an inspirational dating name is the first requirement to create your dating logo design, which will be your central visual identity.

Good luck in creating your brand name!