There are many ways to drive traffic to your dating brand. Depending on your situation you may already have a database of users ready to be marketed to or in most cases you can purchase traffic in many ways.  Get creative in your sources, sometimes the stranger and more specific the source the higher the engagement!

Aspects to consider before selecting your traffic source:

      • Cost of the Traffic Source
      • The Amount of Traffic Available
      • Restrictions, Regulations and Rules
      • The Overall Quality of the Traffic Source
      • The Niche or Audience


Google Ads

Using a search engine like Google to use paid ads is a great way to start advertising your website. With Google Ads, you can directly target by region, demographic and keywords. This helps you reach your target market easily, meaning you will get better quality traffic hitting your website. 



Network traffic can hugely vary in source and quality, this takes a lot of trial and error however can be very successful in high volumes when sources are optimised properly. This type of traffic is usually purchased on CPL (cost per lead) or CPS (cost per sale) basis, we tend to prefer CPS terms as this has more of a guarantee of quality however will in most cases be much more expensive.  



Some traffic comes from existing email database advertisements, dating offers are a great way to monetise an existing email audience if you have it.  Networks, mentioned above, will often sell email traffic in a CPL or CPS basis.



Tube traffic is usually of a lower quality in terms of platform upgrades, however this can also be a successful traffic source if bought at a low enough price.  Networks, mentioned above, will again often sell tube traffic in a CPL or CPS basis.



SEO or organic (free) traffic is achieved through a variety of different techniques, mostly content creation and linking through other pages such as blogs or social media in order to get your site to appear as often as possible online.  You can also improve SEO by using a wide variety of keywords in your site meta, and by clearly and descriptively labelling your images. This way you will make sure your content is easier, more focused and relevant for the bots crawling through the information. The more your site appears online the higher it will show on google search rankings.  


Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can all be used in different ways to market your dating site.  Paid advertising for mainstream dating sites can be set up through facebook, however sometimes difficult as they have very strict policies on dating advertisements.  Unfortunately adult content is also not permitted on most social media platforms so this makes advertising an adult dating brand a little tricky.