Last week we held our annual VIP Partner Conference at the impressive ME hotel, London. This was a unique opportunity for our partners and associates to come together and hear more about the prosperous future of HubStars in one of London’s top venues.

As a company, we’ve had a lot to shout about over the last year which made this year’s conference particularly exciting, allowing us to showcase our newest platform developments, insights and tools. We will be sharing the highlights of the conference in this mailer by recapping our ‘best bits’.

We had a great response from those who attended, in particular there was a lot of interest in our new Business Intelligence Reports and Site Lander Tool, with partners being pleasantly surprised at the usability of these complex and intuitive new products.

What our partners had to say:

Personally I found the conference to be very informative, especially in terms of niche performance, with niches mentioned that I didn’t know were available, let alone performed well. The new design tool, along with enhanced reporting (two things very important for us as we plan to launch and number of different sites and test what works) meant I left really motivated and looking forward to growing our account with HubStars

HubStars is definitely standing out for me as a top platform that is evidently growing in an industry where others are seen to be dwindling


Niche & Territory Performance


The HubStars platform is continuing to expand on the number of available niches by identifying new trends and pockets of communities within our existing database. We are receiving traffic from 215 different locations Worldwide, with 50+ niche and territory combinations available.

  • Couples and Swingers is the largest niche on the platform with a 71% increase in revenue vs 6 months ago.
  • BDSM is our top performing niche in terms of initial revenue per registration and the best converting niche on the platform, with an impressive 59% increase in revenue vs 6 months ago.
  • Our third largest niche is Trans and Crossdressing, with strongest performance in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Members within this niche tend to upload significantly more media to the platform.
  • Gay and Bi has had a 22% increase in revenue vs 6 months ago, with strongest performance in UK, Australia and New Zealand. This niche has much higher platform usage and engagement in comparison to other niches.
  • Our Mature niche has seen a 63% increase in revenue vs 6 months ago, with the older demographic (45+) driving the cheapest clicks on Adwords.


Acquisition Techniques


What have we achieved so far?

Our new acquisition team have been working extremely hard to put their stamp on the company since they formed 4 months ago, the figures alone speak volumes about the high quality of work they are producing. The techniques used to make improvements are easily transferable to our partners so you can make your money back quickly.

  • 40% reduction in our cost per lead.
  • Improved our return in month 1 from 41% to 70% by testing new niches, new brands, underdeveloped areas, new sites and new campaign strategies.
  • Improved our CTR by 95%.
  • Improved site conversion rate by 40%


How did we do it?

  • Optimising Keywords in three stages: Gathering data, discover and define the data gathered, review and repeat.
  • Improving click through rates with different advert types. Affirmative statements (17.65% CTR), Positive questioning (19.64% CTR) and Branding advert (26.79% CTR).
  • Building Ad Groups 12 keywords, 3 adverts, 4 keywords per advert.
  • Improving site conversion with hint text and call to actions reflecting the tone of landing page copy.


Platform Developments


We are dedicated to identifying new and exciting strategies to improve site
performance and conversion metrics.

  • Ongoing improvements to landing page performance and site conversion rate.
  • Continued optimisations to the payment page to maximise paid conversion rates and initial revenue.
  • Further refinements to member conversion funnel to improve member experience and minimise refunds and chargebacks, resulting in a 7% increase in rebill success.
  • Continued work to optimise payment success rates, including identifying alternative payment methods and reducing fraud score. We are happy to report a 10% increase in successful payments and 20% reduction in payment attempts.


Future Tools


Price Optimisation

We are launching a price testing tool that will be available to partners from July onwards. This will allow our team to optimise pricing by site, with the aim of increasing revenue, conversion, upgrade value and ROI.

Speak to your Account Manager today to determine a strategy for optimising your portfolio performance using price optimisation.

Partner Reporting

All our partners now have access to two newly available reports which will allow them to identify areas of opportunity within their portfolio. The reports will also allow you to become more agile by reviewing portfolio performance week on week and month on month, enabling you to make quicker adjustments to your strategy.

Partner Metrics Report

This report provides performance metrics for the whole of your portfolio, with the ability to filter by geo, site, device, and member type.

Detailed Partner Metrics Report

This report compares performance metrics for the whole of your portfolio for any two given periods, with the ability to filter by geo, site, device and member type.

Both of these new reports are available to you in the HubStars dashboard. Login to the portal and click ‘Campaign Reporting’ on the left hand side. Speak to your Account Manager who can guide you through how to use these exciting new reports and how they can add value to your strategy.

Site Creator Tool

We are incredibly excited to launch our Site Creator tool. The tool allows partners to create fully customisable lander pages at the touch of a button. The product enables you to make instant adjustments to landing pages which can be previewed and made live instantly without delay. This puts complete control into the hands of our partners and gives the freedom to make content, image or CSS changes at any time of the day easily and instantly.



Every lander created by our Site Creator Tool will be fully responsive, automatically producing four different layouts optimised for every device. You will also be able to create and amend multiple landers at once.

If you would like to discuss any of these newly available tools, please get in touch with your account manager who will be happy to support you with this.