If you have been struggling to keep a consecutive Click-Through Rate on your Google Ads Campaigns and feel like the stats aren’t improving, why not try using keywords that are in your campaign and linking them with your lander. Optimising your keywords with your lander and ads will make your overall campaign effective.

First of all start by looking at the keywords in your campaign. Use top performing keywords that are bringing through conversions based on revenue and registrations.

Once you have chosen your top performing keywords, the next step is looking at your Ads. Write Ads and include one of your top performing keywords in each. For tips on writing Ad Copy – you can refer back to the May Newsletter for information.

Ensuring there is consistency throughout the campaign, the next step is optimising your lander. We aim to put the majority of keywords in the first article of the lander and put different variations throughout the copy. For example the keyword ‘Lesbian Chat’ can be used in various ways such as ‘Chat to lesbians’, ‘Lesbians who want to chat’ and ‘Lesbians chat’.


This will help with SEO as you are not only using the initial keyword, but variations as well. Why not give these tips a try or if you prefer,contact your account manager for further support.

Digital Marketing Associate