Last week we announced ‘Drinx Dating’ as one of our Million Dollar Dating Project winners. Since then, brand owner Cody has been working alongside his account manager to get his brand up and running.

After trying several dating apps himself, owner Cody wanted to create a brand to identify with those who are social, enjoy nightlife and would prefer a more laidback and stress-free environment to meet others in.

‘We created Drinx for men & women on dating apps who are frustrated they end up with more pen pals than actual dates. We use location to connect people on a night out and most likely with a group of their friends, this creates a social & stress-free environment for 2 people interested in each other to meet for the first time.”

Sales and Marketing Manager Andy spoke to Cody about his aspirations for the future of his brand and what drove him to apply to our project. Watch below!