Our product team have been working on creating a truly personalised dating experience for our members, with the introduction of three new personal detail sections on the horizon.

Collecting more detailed member information will allow us to provide a highly tailored online experience for our members, e.g. displaying more matches with similar interests, providing more niche content in the form of blogs and articles. Eventually, these personal details will also be introduced in the search area, so members can search for people based on their preferences. 

We also aim to build out new and emerging niches for our partners to expand into with the research and information collected.

We will start by introducing the following three personal detail sections:

  • Sexual Orientation – a total of 12 options will be introduced including straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, asexual and demisexual. These will be reviewed and expanded regularly in order to be inclusive for as many members as possible.
  • Food Lifestyle – a total of 9 options will be introduced including, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and paleo.
  • Star Sign – all zodiac signs will be included for members who take an interest in astrology.

We believe that increasing the inclusivity levels of our dating platform will in turn produce higher levels of engagement and time spent across our sites, as members engage in a safe online environment that caters to the growing list of lifestyle and sexual choices.