We would like to ensure our partners that assistance from account managers will be available as standard amidst the current Global issues. We are happy to report that there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the Isle of Man where our HQ and the majority of our staff are located. Stringent travel restrictions have been put in place to keep the island Coronavirus free. Our UK based teams are working remotely from today. As a cloud based business we expect minimal impact to operations. We have home working contingency plans ready if required.

The impact of the global change in user behaviours has seen a massive surge in online activity. This week has seen us break lifetime records for engagement with our dating platforms. We have seen record levels of completed registrations, photo uploads and user logins to the platform. There may be a silver lining for the dating business online as people are cut off from other avenues of social engagement.

February proved to be an excellent month for new business across the platform. Our UK & USA markets are continuing to soar, with up to a 11% increase in initial revenue vs January. The number of new payments in these markets have also increased by up to 9% boosting new business across our Excite, Affinity and Unity platforms.

Our mainstream Affinity platform launched a collection of new niches into the USA market with outstanding results. Our newly established Gamer niche has seen an upgrade rate of 5% and our Active niche has an upgrade rate of 4% in February alone. Speak to your account manager today for more information on the fantastic opportunities within our mainstream dating niches.