Anna, our digital marketing manager has built up a wealth of knowledge over the years on how to successfully run Google Ads within the online dating sector. We spoke to Anna and got her to share her top insights and tips on how to get the most out of your ad space.

Make the most of your ad space by utilising the extensions that AdWords have to offer. Making use of extensions adds quality to your ads and will show ‘beefier’ ads compared to many of your competitors. The more information you can include in an ad will result in less wasted clicks.


1.Site Link Extensions

Site Link Extensions are one of the quickest ways to bulk out your ads. 


As you can see above, the white section of the ad is the site link extension. ‘Free Sign Up’, is a link that takes the user to the root landing page where the registration form is present. The description in this extension states that payment is needed for VIP access and that we don’t use social media links. ‘Existing Member Login’, is a link that takes the user to the members area login section, for easy returns. The description included in this section states that we are safe and secure. 


 2.Call Out Extensions 

A simple text add on that gives the user more information about your site.  

Photo Galleries, Forums & Blogs, Verified Members, Private Messaging are just some of the site features that you can list to help spark interest. Including extensions adds quality to your ads, improving your click-through rate and getting that sought-after initial! 


3.Structured Snippets

 Another way to highlight specific aspects of your site and give people even more reasons to click! 

In this example, ‘Service Catalog’ is the heading used, but the heading ‘Types’ is a good one to try out. This extension is used to list USP’s to entice people to click. As stated, types can be used to list existing members types e.g, ‘Gamer Girls’, ‘Gamer Guys’. The more information that is included in your ad copy and reflects your landing page, you should start to see better quality traffic and less wasted clicks, maximising your returns! 

Using these simple but effective tips can really help you to get the most out of your Ads and see profitable results. For more information contact your account manager or speak to our team here.