Business Round Up

September has been a fantastic month for new business, with our mid to top tier partners seeing impressive uplifts in daily registrations ranging from 11% to 46% month on month. Correspondingly, initial revenue has had the same significant growth ranging from 11% to 50% amongst our mid to top tier partners.

We are happy to report that ongoing efforts and cooperation from our key partners and retention team has positively impacted on our chargeback rates, with a reduction of 5% in chargebacks across the platform. Our retention team are also continuing to develop and roll out platform improvements and adjustments, including refining our sign up forms which has resulted in significantly higher completed sign up rates.


Parallel Tracking

Our team have created a tool to make updating your Google Ads tracking links as easy as possible.

Our Link Builder Tool builds tracking links that will allow you to track data at campaign, adgroup and ad level. The tool can be found when you log in to, go to Offers then click Link Builder Tool. To build parallel tracking links at campaign level, all you need to do is click on the site you wish to track and enter the campaign name that you are using in your adwords. Once this information has been input, the two tracking links will be generated. The links then need to be copied into your campaign settings tracking.

To make the switchover as easy as possible, we have created a Step-by-Step Guide that will assist you with creating and inserting the tracking links in your Google Ads at campaign level.

You can find the Tracking Guide over on our blog

The switchover to Parallel Tracking is on 30th October. If you require further assistance with the new changes that Google has implemented, our Account Managers are happy to help.


Partner Success

This partner has experienced staggering growth over September and is on track to smash it again this month.

We scheduled for them to visit our West Coast base in August where they spent the day working alongside our Sales and Acquisition team to develop a profitable strategy. By concentrating on the quality of the traffic being generated and paying special attention to the email verified and complete profile %’s in our Campaign Reporting Tool, the partner has been able to increase their daily registrations by 37% and daily verified registrations by 48% month on month! Initial revenue also increased by a whopping 19%, a direct result of fine tuning the quality and source of traffic being generated.

Looking at specific geographical markets, this partner experienced incredible growth in Canada and New Zealand, areas which have prosperous opportunities available to all our partners. They also explored the various opportunities which are still available in our USA network, resulting in their initial revenue increasing by 115% month on month!

For more information on how to improve your traffic quality for our platform please contact your Account Manager. You can also get in touch via for more information on the opportunities available to you as a HubStars partner.


VIP Dating Summit

We are just over two weeks away from our next company conference which will be held in London on the 2nd of November. Plans and preparations are fully underway and we look forward to giving our partners and associates some exciting news and a first reveal of various opportunities which will be available to them through our platform.

The conference is now fully booked but you can now request guest list access for our next event which will be held in London next Spring. Please contact if you would like to flag interest in attending our next company event.