Our Support and Moderation centre is staffed with highly trained customer care representatives, working continuously to provide members with a safe and genuine online dating environment. With years of experience fighting against online fraudsters and scammers, our customer care team work 24 hours a day, 7days a week to moderate all content which is uploaded to the sites, including every photo, video and profile.

To celebrate the launch of our latest pet owner niche and new dating app Tabby, The Cat Person’s Dating App, we have gathered some of our Support Team (and their pets!) to feature in this article. This team ensures the safety and support of all members within not only our pet owner niche but across the wide portfolio of niches we have available on the HubStars platform. High quality support and customer care equals better member retention rates and better returns for our partners!


As a team of animal lovers, it must make a welcome change to view and moderate pictures of both people and animals now that we have launched the Tabby app?

We moderate hundreds of content in the form of images, videos, blogs etc every week! The new niche especially designed for animal lovers is definitely bringing a new element of fun. Cute cats are always quickly approved!


What are some of the online tools members can use to keep safe when dating?

All content posted by members is carefully screened by us before going live on the site. This is an extra safety precaution we take to ensure online safety is consistently at a high level. By doing this we eliminate spam, hate speech and offensive content before it even reaches you. Our team are highly effective at pre moderating content quickly and efficiently so this doesn’t affect the normal flow of content. On top of this, there are some site features that members can access to stay safe online:


The blacklist button can be found on all profiles and allows you to instantly block contact from a particular person. You should use this if you feel uncomfortable or harassed by someone and wish to prevent further contact from them. This tool is reversible, giving you full control when it comes to unwanted contact.


By using our ‘Report Member’ tool you can quickly alert our team to any people you think are fake, suspicious or displaying behaviour which is offensive or harmful. This profile will be immediately monitored and reviewed, with further action taken if evidence is found. Our team are expertly trained to remove any scammer profiles, but together with your awareness and willingness to report we can keep our platform of members safe and protected.

Spam Message Detector

As well as pre moderating all posted content, we also have a ‘Copied Message Detector’ feature which alerts you to any message content which is potentially spam. This handy feature is programmed to recognise duplicated message content which is commonly used by fake profiles with ulterior motives. You will be alerted to a copied message by the scissor symbol as explained in the mailbox legend within your inbox. Look out for the symbol and simply delete the message to avoid time wasters.


Best piece of advice for someone new to online dating?

Be Part of the Solution! If you spot any odd profiles, members too eager to share their contact details, or anything else that you feel is suspicious, please contact the Support Helpdesk. You can also click on the ‘report’ button on a members profile and/or the message they sent you to report activity to the staff.

Oh and have fun!