Here is a run down of the new features Google have added to their Adwords platform in recent months. Your account manager will be happy to discuss these with you in more detail.


There have been added options when writing a Google Advert. You can now add an extra headline and extra description to your ads, meaning that you can have three Headlines and two Descriptions.


ad_example (1)


Google will serve your Ad based on the Click Rate. Your Ads, headlines and descriptions will be rotated by Google as they learn which combination delivers a higher click through rate (CTR). We advise not to use this method as we have yet to fully test it and the early results of testing this have not been positive. The Ad served may have the most clicks, but will not necessarily have the highest conversion rate. If you leave these spaces blank your ad will serve as normal.

Campaign Changes – Target CPA

As of the 31st October 2018, Google Ads will automatically be changing the bidding strategy of campaigns that have not had any changes made to them in the past two months. Google will automatically change these campaigns to Target CPA. Meaning that Google could end up setting your Target CPA above the level you require. Make sure you login to your campaigns to ensure your settings are correct.

Parallel Tracking – Google Tag Update

Google have also introduced compulsory Parallel Tracking. This is a way of Google cutting out the tracking link redirect and passing the data through separately. This setting will be applied from 31st October. Please read the following link for more detail –

We have made the changes we are required to do to ensure that the stats are correctly logged and recorded in our system and we have tested the new method conclusively. We are now finalising a new link builder tool to allow you to easily create parallel tracking links and add them to your campaigns. There are extra steps that you will be required to take to ensure this tracking is working correctly.

Please contact your account manager with any questions and we will be on hand to help!

Digital Marketing Associate