Name: Doreen

Job Title: Senior Account Manager


How long have you worked at HubStars? 

Just over two years now


Can you tell us a bit about your role?

I work with partners to ensure their portfolio of sites are growing and profitable with us. I help with everything from campaign advice to new niche ideas. 


What’s your background before joining HubStars?

I have a degree in Fashion Marketing and previously worked in the fashion accessories industry as a marketer and buyer then continued on to digital marketing for a consumer loyalty software company. In this role I discovered I was interested in progressing my career in digital marketing and what better a way to do this than in the online dating industry?! 


What aspect of your job are you enjoying the most at the moment/what projects are you most excited about?

As a business we are seeing some incredible opportunity and success in the USA mainstream market.  Taking advantage of this and passing on the knowledge we have to partners on this and seeing instant results has been so rewarding, and this is only the beginning! 


What has been your favourite HubStars trip or project to date?

Eeeek! How do I only choose one?! It’s no secret that I really enjoy any opportunity to catch up with my accounts, there is never a dull moment on these trips no matter where we are. Being on the Vegas strip with a drink in hand isn’t a bad day’s work…


Tell us something we might not know about you? 

I absolutely love vintage interiors and have an issue with buying too much furniture that won’t fit in my flat! 


During lockdown what hobbies/skills/projects have you undertaken?

 It was a real rollercoaster…I started by baking my own sourdough bread/ brownies/ crumpets and ended with getting my 5k time below 26 minutes…sometimes! 


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Right now… ANYWHERE, LITERALLY ANYWHERE! When travel becomes a little easier again I would love to go to Croatia, it looks beautiful and i’m craving a lazy beach holiday a lot! 


Area of expertise?

Partner Relations Management


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