Drinx Dating –  a Million Dollar Dating Project winning brand owned by Perth firefighter, Cody Waller.

Cody’s vision was to create an app to fit not only his lifestyle, but thousands of others who frequent the Perth bar and club scene. Appealing to those who flinch at the thought of organising a formal first date, this app encourages relaxed first dates in the comfort of your local bar surrounded by your fellow wingmen/women!

With restrictions slowly lifting across the World after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confident that this dating niche will gain momentum with the need for social activity and gatherings being more desirable than ever.

We spoke to Cody about his inspiration for the Drinx app and his views on the current dating app culture:


What are your thoughts on the current dating app culture?

“With so many niche dating apps out there in 2020, discovering which one is right for you can be harder than actually meeting someone new. When you finally signup to an app, you are shown an endless catalogue of people to swipe and potentially match but unlikely to ever lead to a date… just think about how many people match and don’t even send a message!”

Do you believe having too much choice is a barrier in online dating?

“Yes, this is the same when you can’t decide what food to order on Uber Eats, or struggling to choose a movie on Netflix. Having too many options leads to an indecision!

As the novelty wears off, the reality sets in that you want to meet someone new but matching someone that is 80km away is logistically challenging when planning a date, let alone a 2nd or 3rd date.. unless the niche app you chose is the love of long road trips in the back of an Uber,  it’s frustrating!”

How does the Drinx app differ from the norm?

“Drinx creates real-life connections by prioritising people based on distance, which is likely to lead to more dates and meet-ups. We aim to connect people who like meeting in-person like the good ol’ days at bars and clubs on a night out, even with a group of friends!

Drinx makes it easy to see who’s at nearby bars, you’ve already matched so why not send them a message and meet-up for a drink or two? If you happen to hit it off well, the night is young! But if there is no chemistry you can simply continue on the night out with your friends.”

What about those who don’t like the bar and club scene?

“If you don’t go out to bars or clubs, you can still meet someone locally for a real date! Seeing the same match appear first means you are likely to live in the same area or share similar interests. We see this as a huge conversation starter and since your match is nearby, planning a date can be easy!

While other apps have you swiping all these profiles, chances of you it ending in a date are slim to none. This would be similar to Netflix showing you their list of movies and if you selected one of them to watch, it wouldn’t even play!”


You can follow the progress of the Drinx app on our social channels and blog, listen to our introduction interview with brand owner Cody here.