It’s Personal!

Our product team have been working on creating a truly personalised dating experience for our members, with the introduction of three new personal detail sections on the horizon. Collecting more detailed member information will allow [...]

More Next-Gen Templates Added!

Last month we announced the rollout of our new Next-Gen templates for partners to utilise within our Site Designer Tool. We have seen a 15% increase in revenue per registration in the first 24hours [...]

Digital Insights – ‘Tis the Season to be Dating

It’s Christmas again! Although Christmas this year will again be filled with socialising and mingling among friends and family, you will find that Christmas can be the loneliest time of year for some individuals. [...]

Get on the Nice List!

Advertisers may have you seeing the tougher approach updates to Google policies as the Grinch, but there is a potential windfall. Lower CPAs and higher search volumes may be the treat for being on Google's [...]

Seasonal Peak Prep!

December is always a great time for a dating brand and this year Christmas Eve falls on a Friday. Whether it is important to you personally or not, you shouldn't ignore the upgrade upside that builds [...]

New Google-Friendly Templates

We have launched a new Next-Gen template for partners within the Site Designer Tool. This has been built for Google search traffic, includes no javascript and is great for low CPA rates with search traffic conversion [...]